Here’s to the crazy ones.

Here’s to
the crazy ones.

The misfits. The rebels.

The misfits.
The rebels.

The troublemakers.


Summit Post is for the crazy ones – for the directors and producers who see things differently and want to challenge the status quo of the post production experience.  We are for clients seeking collaboration, passion, and flexibility to explore the boundaries of sound with the industry’s top sound designers, editors and mixers.  We are committed to speed and high quality without compromising creativity or fun.  From independent films to major features, episodic television and emerging media we bring together the best team to meet the unique needs of each project.

paul and derek vanderhorst

Final mix with Paul Feig.

paul and derek

The crew from Hidden Figures Final Mix

Summit Post was founded in 2004 by Motion Picture Academy member and industry veteran Derek Vanderhorst. With over two decades of experience, Derek has worked on over 130 feature films, episodic television, games and new media,  including in-house roles at Fox, Paramount, Universal, and Warner Brothers.  In his various roles, Derek saw the need to evolve the post production sound industry to better support the emerging trends and technology in filmmaking. Derek founded Summit Post to offer more flexible and customized options for directors and producers working on independent and major feature films who were seeking deeper partnerships and more freedom in the process.

mixing crew at summit post sound
Phil Keoghan mixing Le Ride

Phil Keoghan mixing Le Ride

Derek’s passion around the complexity of sound began in 1975 when he learned to handmake make a Rabab (a Persian lute-like musical instrument) with his grandfather in Aurora Colorado.  The exotic sound of the Rabab grew into a fascination with the unusual noises made by old broken cars, which propelled him on a quest to explore sound design as a profession, landing him in Hollywood in 1991.    For more on Derek’s background see his IMBD page.